How and where to enter MS office product key?


Irrespective of the source from where you purchase the MS Office setup what matters is that you save & secure the product key for future use. Otherwise, you can also log in with your Microsoft account through which you have earlier made use of the product key. There your product key is automatically saved.

  1. There are two areas where you need to enter the MS office setup product key.

  2. First, after the sign up process on, you will be asked to enter the product key to download MS office software.

  3. Enter the office key there without a hyphen if you already have the product key. Otherwise, you need to purchase the software to get the product key.

  4. Another area, where you will require to enter the product key is when you have downloaded MS Office setup and installed all the applications.

  5. Once the application is installed open any application (word, excel, or any other)

  6. A license agreement will pop up, click on ACCEPT

  7. Office activation wizard will open up asking for the product key. Enter the product key without any hyphen.

  8. Done! You are all set to work on the applications.

How to uninstall MS Office Setup?

A user might want to uninstall Microsoft Office due to any reason. With the below-mentioned steps, the User can uninstall all Microsoft applications without disturbing the files that have been created using them.

  • Go to START at the bottom of the screen and look for the control panel

  • Press Programs and click on the link named Uninstall a program

  • Look for the Microsoft Office program and right-click on it. Press uninstall

  • Wait patiently as it might take some time to remove your Microsoft Office Setup

  • Click on close once the process is complete

  • Restart your system and you are done uninstalling


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